Roasted goose legs with braised red cabbage
Lizzy Stone

Roasted goose legs with braised red cabbage

Lizzy Stone


goose legs (4 pcs)

salt, pepper

4 small apples peeled,

cored and sliced into chunks

100ml water

Ingredients for the braised red cabbage:

1 small red cabbage

150g butter

150g granulated sugar

150ml apple cider vinegar

pinch of cinnamon powder

pinch of grounded cloves

1 teaspoon of caraway seeds

salt, pepper

Roasted goose legs with braised red cabbage

  1. Wash the goose legs and pat-dry with a towel
  2. Score lines onto the fatty part of the skin with a sharp knife carefully not to cut into the flesh
  3. Rub salt and pepper into the legs
  4. Place the meat with the apples in a higher walled roasting tray, add 100ml of water, cover with tin foil and cook till tender for about 1.5 – 2 hours on 160ºC
  5. Take off the tin foil, raise the temperature to 200C and cook till the skin looks nicely roasted, baste with the cooking liquid/fat from the dish.
  6. Quarter the cabbage – this makes easy to remove the tough white core – and cut the thinner leaves into long strips.
  7. Melt the butter in a large pan, add the sugar and cook till the sugar melts and starts to brown.
  8. Pur in the vinegar, the caramel will solidify suddenly, stir continuously till it melts again.
  9. Add the cabbage strips, the thinly sliced apples, a little salt and pepper
  10. Stir thoroughly and cook till the cabbage is tender





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