Stuffed dried sweet peppers
Nenad Gladić

Stuffed dried sweet peppers

Nenad Gladić


20 dried peppers

100g of cooked wheat grain

500g of fresh sausage

50g of bacon chopped

150g of bacon in one piece

One stick of leek chopped

3 cloves of garlic chopped

2 spoons of chopped fresh parsley

100g of some hard cheese shredded

50g of chopped walnuts

1l clear chicken broth

1 egg

Salt, pepper

Dried aromatic mushrooms

Oil for frying and cooking

Stuffed dried sweet peppers

  1. Soak peppers in hot water and set them aside for at least 30min. I will do this before I start first dish not to waste time.
  2. In large frying pan heat some oil and then add chopped bacon and walnuts, when it becomes crispy ad leek. Sautee until soft. After that add chopped sausage mix well and fry until meat gets nice golden color. Add cooked grain and spices. Mix well and add cheese and egg, mix well. Fry for few minutes until egg is cooked and cheese melted.
  3. Let it cool for few minutes.
  4. Drain peppers from water and stuff each with meat filling. Prep time 30-45min.
  5. When all stuffed peppers are stacked in baking dish put thin pieces between them pour chicken stock and bake covered in oven on 200°C for 30 minutes. After that remove cover and bake additional 10-15 minutes on 180°C (total oven time about 45min. We could avoid this if we have two same backing dishes so I can make batch one in advance and have it ready on the side. If we decide that course of action I will need double amount of ingredients)
  6. Serve warm with yogurt.