Kapama in pumpkin
Ivan Hristov Manchev

Kapama in pumpkin

Ivan Hristov Manchev


1 pumpkin about 2 kg

0.300 kg chicken chop from leg with skin

0.300 kg pork neck boned

0.300 kg chicken breast

3 pieces homemade sausage

0.100 kg onion

0.150 kg carrots

0.250 kg champignon

2 pieces tomatoes

0.100 kg leek

1 bunch parsley

1 clove garlic

1 pinch hot paprika

0.020 kg sweet paprika

Salt, Black pepper

Kapama in pumpkin

  1. With a sharp knife, slice the tops of the pumpkin off. Next, scoop out the seeds and scrap the sides completely clean.
  2. Cook the pumpkin in the preheated oven on 180 degrees for 30 minutes
  3. In deep pan put the different meat and vegetables cut on bigger pieces and cook.
  4. Season with chop parsley, garlic, salt, black pepper and hot and sweet paprika.
  5. Stuffed the pumpkin with the meat and the vegetables.
  6. Wrap the pumpkin with metal cooking foil and baked on 180 degrees until is ready.
  7. Served with spices and fruits typical for Christmas.