Ivan Hristov Manchev

Ivan Hristov Manchev is one of founders and President of Bulgarian Association of Professional Chefs.

He started his culinary journey at prestigious restaurants such as Hotel Bristol Kempinksi and Adlon Kempinski in Berlin and “Zum Alten Stephan”, a 1 Michelin star restaurant in Switzerland.

Ivan hosts a number of culinary shows in Bulgaria. On TV7, Ivan hosted a special cooking section during the morning show, named “Culinary tips with Ivan Manchev”. He was a culinary critic in shows such as “Cherry on the cake” and “Kitchen nightmare” aired on Nova Television.


Florin Scripca aka Chef Foa

Florin Scripcă, also known as Chef Foa, started his culinary journey more than 16 years ago.

Foa has shaped his work in famous restaurants in the world, such as Jamie Oliver’s Fabulous Feasts”, “La Cantine du Faubourg”, “Rhubarb” or “The Nut Tree Inn”. He is currently the Executive Chef for Flavours, managing all events catered by the company and leading the chefs' teams in all Flavours locations in Bucharest (Stradale, Stradale Carnivale, Stradale Oregon, Stradale for Avenor, Flavours Food Academy and Willbrook Platinum).

Chef Foa is one of the most famous chefs in Romania, due to his approach towards cooking and eating, his outgoing personality and of course, his spectacular cooking skills.

He has been one of the judges at the local Masterchef show for the 4th and 5th edition and is the most vocal supporter of the street food movement. He created the Night Market by Chef Foa event, which takes place in Bucharest every 2 months, and represents the Street Food Festival concept in Cluj, Iasi and Oradea. His original pastrami has become a trademark and Foa's Pastrami is currently the most sought after dish at every event.


Nenad Gladić

Nenad Gladić, better known as Lepa Brka, has traveled the world as a chef on luxury cruise ships and discovered a whole new range of dishes from Brazil to Alaska, rapidly becoming a gourmet and world traveler.

The two passions, travel and cooking, have merged into a TV show Gastronomad. Nenad has also published the book "Gastronomad", which is dedicated to everyone who loves to travel and taste different cuisines around the world.

Nenad is also the editor of “Cooking with the kids” magazine and hosts a cooking show on “KitchenTV”, a local cooking cable channel broadcasted in Serbia.


Andras Jokuti

Andras Jokuti is a famous food blogger. He launched his blog Világevő (“the world eater”) back in 2010 documenting his passion for food and travel.

He travels and eats around the globe, and writes about his culinary adventures, be it in the most sophisticated Michelin starred restaurants or the most exciting street food in exotic corners of the world. Recently, he has been travelling in Japan, Peru, Vietnam and France. Immediately after starting his blog, he became a shooting star of the Hungarian food scene. In 2011 he was awarded as the best food blogger in Hungary. He studied at the prestigious Bocuse Institute in Lyon where only 10 interns from around the world are being admitted, and also did a culinary internship at Costes, the most famous Michelin starred restaurants in Budapest.

He is recommended by Andy Hayler (the only person who has been to every 3 star Michelin restaurant in the world):"If you are planning a trip to the region and need expert advice then consider using the well-connected local food writer Andras Jokuti."

He hosts a number of culinary events, the Bocuse d'Or Europe 2016, the Budapest Gourmet Festival among others. He regularly appears on TV and radio talking about his food and travel adventures.